About us

Warren Green President and Founder of W. Greenjeans, dreams jeans. He’s a self professed “jeaner” who lives in jeans himself.

Since starting out some 30 years ago making jeans only for children, we have since expanded to include junior girls, boys, woman’s men’s and plus sizes too. So…… that means jeans for everyone.

In a pure stroke of “jeanius” Warren created the GOLDEN GIRLS line. It is a jean that is very fashion forward, comfortable and can be worn by any woman. The specialized fabric contours to any shape and size body and is designed to be worn at any age. It has been created as a pull on pant without that pull on look.

Whether you’re 30 or 80, GOLDEN GIRLS has broken the “jeaneration” gap! You can choose from a basic pocket, to an embroidered or embellished pocket. Golden Girls jeans can be paired with basic white t-shirts, or even a classic blouse which makes these jeans wearable for any and all occasions.

Whether, going out for stroll going to work or a night out on the town, your GOLDEN GIRLS jeans will make you look HOT!!!!